Building a NAS server … Plex media server allows streaming your locally owned digital media content to various devices inside or outside your home. I assume I can't switch OS with a prebuilt right? I keep seeing all these confusing networking numbers and speeds, and I feel like it may be more complex than I thought. Lot of people here have the knowledgeable to do ALL of the above competently. edit: guys, I'm hugging the parcel right now, all sorted! My PC Build Guides - January 2020.

3. Hoping for an overhaul! I use Ubuntu on it, and O jist configured Transmission for remotr access and samba shares so i can access movies from the network.

If you want to handle 4K transcoding, it's better to build your own NAS or put aside thousands to fund a high-end pre-built NAS server enclosure. I am looking for a basic guide on getting me started towards building my own NAS server.

Had the same issue /u/andyr354._3bX7W3J0lU78fp7cayvNxx{max-width:208px;text-align:center} They both also support SMB for file sharing with Windows and Macintosh PCs. Power savings is arguably overrated, I opted for a TS440 over a Synology (actually was going qnap) while transferring my storage to new disks I'm averaging 68 watts (idles around 50w) (with 3 VMs too) Synology says they're 33 watts on access (415+ which is less than the 44w 412+) so yes it's 2x the power but I'm paying ~$5/mo in power for my server so at ~$2/mo isn't a very compelling reason, $36/yr tell the wife you need to stay home and have ramen instead of going out to a fancy dinner for your anniversary, save you more than $36, no wait that'll cost you 50% of your income and assets. Some of the parts you selected are a bit baffling to me, would be interesting to know by which criteria you selected them.
FreeNAS and ZFS is a bit over the top for personal use imo. Inspired by our recent articles on building a living room gaming PC and a DIY router, I decided to take the more Ars option. The key difference for a NAS between Linux and FreeBSD is that FreeBSD supports ZFS by default.
All discussion is welcome! It lacks tempered glass which imo is a must out of budget builds since you are getting a case with a window so I assume you want to look at your build and would like a window that won't show wear and tear. In this video we show you how to build your very own Synology NAS running DMS 6.1. I also wanted a small NAS, though i dont use plex, VLV on my Android TV plays anything I throw at it natively, i just use samba sharing.

I don't think I want to mess with ZFS at this point and would prefer to stick with a more standard setup.

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No shame in owning a Synology!

Building your own Network-attached storage (NAS) can be a costly endeavor. I wish you all the best. Will the box fit my storage needs and budget today and potentially up to the next 2-3 years? I also don't know too much about Linux, but I heard it's a breeze to get set up. If you're looking for the NAS to transcode Media then you will probably struggle and may have to up your budget. Runs Plex flawlessly to the devices on my LAN and I can stream from it on the go. For expandability/performance I would need to look at synologys Small and Medium Business section to start ... Make your own. Would a prebuilt be the way to go?

If you want to build it yourself, then what you want is more cores, more ram and low power usage. My two cents for a computer savvy person (who is new to this) would be to buy an off the shelf NAS like QNAP or Synology.

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