They are extra messy to be as old as they are. A deeper dive into her Instagram feed shows that Kandi, who also had a brother Patrick Riley who passed away in 1991 in a car accident, and Rebekah have been close since childhood, and remain tight to this day along with dad Titus.

Keep people out of your relationship. I felt so bad for Todd last nite watching how she treated him because it’s the exact same way my ex mother in law use to treat me and I swear watching this woman’s antics was like deja vu! I believe him..and if he did cheat on her I can see why but the thing is didn’t she cheat on him cause Kandi looks nothing like them at all to me..Her brother looks like Joyce her so call father daughter looks like him who Kandi look like..I really don’t think that’s he’s her father..Her mom just goes around telling lies to cover her a-s..she got Kandi brainwashed that girl thinking she a good mom. I see and talk to my mother on rare occasions and I am so much more happier that I do. Let Kandi live her life, she’s 30+. SMH, I’m sorry but I don’t see this union lasting long. Don’t care how hard her mom worked to raise her, it doesn’t give her the right to be so vile towards anyone close to Kandi. Kandi mama got a big mouth I don’t blame her father kandi gave her stuff an she was ungrateful she probably was a big mouth with kandi daddy so he left her good riddance her mama can’t keep no man probably because of her mouth, Your email address will not be published. I feel so sorry for Todd; his daughter and mom. “You know, in terms of a lot of smoking and drinking and all this stuff in our home. My dad & my little sister came to the party & hung out with me. Kandi’s dad looks like he could be the father of Phaedra’s first son, Aiden.

And this includes Kandi's father, Titus Burruss Jr., and her stepmother, Brenda Burruss, who recently popped in for a visit with the littles. They kept me from seeing you and all of that.”. Your email address will not be published. What do y’all think? Daddy still owe her(Moma Joyce) child Support Money…So I let you figure what the truth maybe……. Even you know that!!!!! He then says: “That was a lie. Well we saw Mama Joyce throw a shoe at someone on TV and her sisters ganged up on said person. While her mother’s antics may make for good TV to some, in real life Kandi needs to handle this issue because it can ruin her marriage.
Kandi really is milking her family issues…. After seeing pictures of her late brother, it’s hard to believe he her real father. She doesn’t even resemble her mama Joyce., The Real Housewives of Potomac After Show.

I say, Kandi, then tell your mother she is no longer welcome in her house , or talking to her by phone until she first apologize to Todd and his mother. I believe this because Joyce doesn’t want anyone close to Kandi except her. IMO, Kandi’s father is 100 percent credible. I’m not the poster child of what you might envision as a religious woman, and I know that, but I come from a religious family. I know it’s hard for Kandi to think her mom wouldn’t do those things but lets not act like Mama Joyce isn’t above being evil and vindictive as we’ve seen on tv. Mama Joyce YOU ARE DYSFUNCTIONAL!The sad part about you is that you don’t even recognise how putrid your behavior is,complete denial.You’re an.insecure,mentally.Ill jealous FAILURE as a woman and it’s painful to watch YOU demean everyone and everything..get help b-tch! I am really starting to think that Mama Joyce is jealous of Kandi. And cease from the rude comments. “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser had a very good relationship with Ryan.

The Real Housewives of Potomac After Show, had a brother Patrick Riley who passed away in 1991 in a car accident. Then when Todd responded to the comment made about his deceased father in a way Kandi thought he shouldn’t have she says he’s talking negatively about her mother, really Kandi? In the upcoming episode of “Kandi’s Wedding,” Kandi has a sit down with her father Titus Burruss, Jr. to hear his side as to why things didn’t work out with Mama Joyce. Well it’s not like it’s unlikely any of this could be true.
Poor kandi is indeed brainwashed and she wants her mom’s approval and she’s been that way since she was a child. View Rev. Good stuff not bad stuff.

No child support- in her mind lead to not Seeing your owe child or children in Some People World …Pow!!!! And at that time, they got you. If she was going to tell him then she should’ve told him all of it. Kandi Burruss just reminded fans there's yet another fierce female in her family. Kandi and Rebekah are both daughters of her dad, Titus Burruss Jr., she shared on Instagram. Regardless will Kandi ever really knw. Copyright © 2020 Urban Belle Media, LLC. When the episode prior to this one aired, which first showed me mentioning that I wanted to do a gospel song, I got so many angry tweets. Rev. She failed to tell the part where her mother called his mother a whore. My grams had some negative things to say about my boyfriend….and I had to let her know you can’t judge someone you don’t know based on the little facts I relay over to you about them.

A person can only take so much verbal abuse and lies.

Money,will blind you and make you tolerate shit you would not normally take. Mama Joyce needs to grow up and keep her hateful opinions to herself. I agree that Kandi should defend her mother in most cases, but at what point does she call her mother out for this horrible behavior?

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