Thanks again! If you look at most players that are playing a bit of a draw, we ideally want to line up a little bit to the right. Staffordshire, WS11 7FD, So I’m going to be swinging nice and square and straight. Me And My Sports Ltd, Just think of how much fun it will be having them as part of the community. You are the best instructor I’ve ever seen both in golf and tennis. Lets see if we can Take Charge of your Game this year! I would actually hit the stick with my golf ball if I hit a dead straight shot.

I might even exaggerate a little bit more and get almost towards those trees over there. In order to play a draw, you need to be able to get the path of the club when striking the ball going slightly to the right of target (for the right handed golfer). Me And My Golf. So as I set up here, if I’m going to go this far to the right, I’m going to swing this far inside out, I’m going to need to play the ball just slightly back in my stance to be able to get to the ball. I will let you cheat a little bit and close the face slightly at address.

I think I can even get better as I continue to go completely through the Top Speed system, but my swing is extremely solid right now. There we go, so that was a big, basically a snap hook with a 6 iron, probably curved 30 yards to the left, but that’s the exact opposite of what we’re doing with the slice. Become a hero by telling your friends about our instruction! So if I’m going to hit this ball absolutely dead straight, no curvature on it whatsoever, I’d like to have my feet lined up basically parallel with this golf ball. Really growing to be the best golf instruction anyway, and trust me I’ve listened to them all…, Thanks heaps Clay, you just gave me the missing piece to my golf swing…. We can see that my feet, my shoulders, and my hips, everything is going way over there to the right. First, you’ve got to understand that your alignment is such an important factor in your swing. Then all of a sudden you realize you’re aiming 60, 70 yards away from your target…. When people are trying to play the draw, we see them struggling to get the club into a position at the top of the back swing that will allow them to produce a good delivery of the club, often because the stance is too wide. I’m really going to feel like I’m rolling my hands over. By taking the effort level out of your shots you will find it easier to have a smoother start to your down swing, which again makes it so much easier to get the path to the right to help create the draw. Copyright © 2015–2020 | About | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. By narrowing your stance it also plays a trick on your mind, your brain thinks that you’re going to hit the ball softer. 1.1 How to Stop Slicing in Detail | Never Slice Again, 1.2 Stop Your Slice | The Basketball Drill, 1.3 How to Hit a Draw Cheat (Fix Your Slice in 5 Minutes), 1.4 Golf Setup | How to Hit a Draw with Your Stance. CHECK OUT ALL OUR VIDEOS IN THE SLICE VAULT. While anyone but accomplished Tour players could benefit from my instruction... ...Our typical member desires to get down to a near scratch handicap... ...Is tired of all the "quick fix" junk in the market... ...And also doesn't want to be overwhelmed with every detail on the planet.

1 Start out to the right, get the ball to hook back, then you can straighten it out. Another very good video, the way you emphasize and prove things really helps for the concept to stick with the listener. In todays article I wanted to discuss with you how narrowing your stance can help you play a draw and stop you slicing the golf ball.

That really just compounds itself. Clicking the button above means I protect your email, and you accept my Terms of Use. We don’t really want a big slice, we don’t want a big hook, but if you’re struggling with that slice, we’re going to have to feel a little bit of an exaggerated hook to get that straightened back out shot. Thank you so much and keep up the excellent work, Mr. Clay. In this “Never Slice Again” series video, you’ll learn how to hit a draw with your stance. Try to knock this stick out of the ground, it will be a fun drill for you guys to work on.

Submit Ticket. That’s basically wat we’re all looking for. If you haven’t already, come join our online membership…I’m confident we can help you play the best golf of your LIFE! Hi Me and My Golfers. Opening your stance promotes a more outside-in swing path, in which the club is taken back away from the body and then drawn back in during the down swing. As you get more and more comfortable and you start to see that ball curve right to left, now we’re going to straighten this back out and we’re going to go back again to where we’re pointing to the target in the distance. We’ll give it a whirl, see if we can hit the stick. So here I have a ball set up, I have a stick about seven or eight feet in front of that ball, lined up directly with my target. I’ve got a great drill today that’s going to talk about alignment. As always let us know how you get on with this and let us know what help you need with other parts of your game by commenting below. Oh, I missed it. Click for Sharing Options! What's Covered: How to adjust your setup to make it easier to hit a draw. Start with a really narrow stance and then widen the stance slightly as you start to hit the golf ball further, always focusing on getting the path of the club swinging out to the right. In order to lower your score OPEN STANCE GOLF plays a critical role. When you’re struggling with a slice, mistakes in your alignment compound your problems…. My swing direction is going to come down, square up through contact, and then back up to the left. So now if my feet are lined up a little to the right, my shoulders, my hips, I’m swinging a little bit to the right, rolling the face on over, that’s going to get that ball to start a little right of the target, and then draw back in there. 1.7 How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight | Not What You’ve Been Told! There is a variation in how open a golfer might be with an open stance. 1-888-730-7557 ext. Before long, you take a look and you see yourself on camera, and you’re lined up 60 or 70 yards to the left and that ball’s really starting to curve back over there just to try to keep the ball in play. Why You Need This: In this “Never Slice Again” series video, you’ll learn how to hit a draw with your stance.. First, you’ve got to understand that your alignment is such an important factor in your swing. What ends up happening, is players will turn to these alignment sticks, and the direction that they’re going to swing the golf club is now going to be over to the left. You see… When you’re struggling with a slice, mistakes in your alignment compound your problems… What is an open stance in golf? Narrowing your stance will allow for a better rotation in the back swing, which in turn will allow you to get your arms more around your body at the top, this will give you more chance of approaching the ball with a path to the right.

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