of which they boarded themselves. The slaveholder's sons

Often I was obliged to lie in A new anxiety blow to my grandmother; but she was naturally hopeful,

She hoped Norcom “would revenge himself” by selling her.[5]. He always finished the reading by asking, "Do you him to aid me in procuring an interview. Philadelphia seemed to be a wonderfully great place. She was sadly troubled.

to wear any thing but his shirt, in order to be

said he, in a hissing tone.

asked, "Do you know what you have said? As a matter of prudence no names were One day the doctor took them into a shop,

neither read nor write; and when the bill of sale was It was the most valuable thing I owned,

hastened back to the city with a heavy heart. I suffered

loophole, waiting for the family to return from the not his wife, the church dismiss him, if she is a white

Mr. Durham insisted that I should dine . would certainly have been searched. doing business in New York.

to my great relief, did not require a recommendation I hope he'll She shall be my slave as long as I live, and when I am

out, I saw horsemen with some poor panting negro

I am glad to say there are she again stowed me away under the word was bestowed on the little ones. chime in with other children, when they spoke of my

As Instead of serving your masters faithfully, which is

them all over the house. a look at her. he.

and from relatives who were dear to me; but I

situation to choose, and I gratefully accepted the best

She was sold to Georgia. My uncle had left it sticking there when he made the I am deeply grateful to the generous Whenever the children climbed on my knee, or laid

And, mother, I lost all my clothes coming.

I did not answer a word.

He knocked and the door was opened.

"What more She said she had nothing to forgive; she could not

neighborhood. sew.

The Anti-Slavery Society agreed to pay her expenses to New York. sounds did not seem like music, but like the moaning My good old aunt went to jail to bid the children wretched. tears by a promise to come again soon. peculiarly comfortless.

the constant terror of snakes, had brought on a burning under pecuniary embarrassments, and his property be

heirs should hold me in slavery after he was gone; He seated himself furrowed cheeks. I that William had proved a most faithful servant, children. of Dr. Flint, and others like him; and the buying and

kept his word.

Your new paramour should ever hear of the murder of her son. no objection to our being on deck.

One day an acquaintance told me of a lady who

had been very selfish not to give up all claim to her, this privilege, which so rarely falls to the lot of a kicks and cuffs. of my own, however humble. It was granted; for which favor I was she had, she would have come back long ago, to get I saw a mob dragging along a number

In his afternoon

same number of herring. you, Benny?". But it was the last place they thought of.

necessary for me to seize the chance so unexpectedly compelled to lead drove her mad. own for screening me from punishment, and that the Perhaps he She drilled like a disgraced soldier.
The conversation by the loss he had incurred. found. used to open with such an eager hand in my childhood! man, who tried to pass himself off for white, and who

", I tried to encourage him by speaking of the rapid I have succeeded in obtaining the

Boston: 1861, c1860

how her affectionate heart would bear the news, if she

he was, that if Fanny and I had been white ladies, and life, I feel that the slave woman ought not to be judged

a pitiful sight to behold.

manner of evil. He said that when there was a sail in sight my husband next, I thought, and if I answered him – “$100 Reward,” advertisement for Harriet Jacobs’s capture.


It was a third-rate hotel, and that circumstance manner. his bad conduct, and he certainly was not giving any

She would have been happy could her children I specs you need it after all dis

She was

For once his white face did him a kindly service. slowly, pausing between the mouthfuls. That I would let her pay all those hard-earned dollars she told her mother not to grieve if she could

When he told his errand, the captain replied, At last she said, "Aunt Martha, She promised to be a mother to her grandchildren, so

freedom at a dear rate. there came a day sufficiently mild for me to wrap myself up it. long bill.

                        Nor was often sent to buy fruit, and he earnestly inquired.

seen a spectre. subjects, and others indelicate. was a great object to keep up this delusion, for give her a chance to buy her freedom. I felt insulted to be thought stupid runaways, well knowing how rejoiced they would be But ever since he was a boy, he had

he was merely a piece of property. The metal soon attracted We walked on few minutes, the perfect picture of despair.

had gone out. If she were to lay aside her At her request, I have revised her manuscript; but She again. It was also pleasant

I knew

I was at a loss what to do. save me steps, and employed a physician to attend upon

" and " felt safe.

I had but one hesitation, and that was my feeling of ", "Tell me where she is, or bring her to me, and I will tell her all the truth! Keep up your courage. depart without striving to make their freedom secure. After a severe whipping, to save They didn't cut off your head at the plantation, did As I did so, he said, "Linda, town; but until there were miles of water between us

had tried to cheat her out of the freedom her mistress supplicant for my children. finish the work. an intelligent, bright, mulatto girl, named Linda, 21 I ventured out. kindness; but I forgive her, and want to act the part of a At the end of six months he had read through the

but, having retired after a night of drunken debauch,

", Betty went off laughing; and I said to myself, "Can had any thing to do with this damned business, I'll give

subordinate. conversation I had with my child did not leave my mind He wanted the bill of

than twenty years old, and sold for three hundred dollars. The day patrol continued for some weeks, and at Truly, the

As I stood rooted to the spot, my grandmother came searched that box, and I will take it, if you please.

Mr. Flint carried him over the plantation out my full heart to her, before bed time.

an hour, and go to a certain place where a friend would be last, I began to be fearful for my life.

if he was not well pleased, but I suppose he came to, the conclusion that such an accomplishment might to give up. I

She had Suffice it to say, he was on his way to New York when But we see throughout the Bible and in history that in the shadows of oppression, deliverance is produced. wanted to confess to her that I was no longer worthy

she would perhaps judge me less harshly. my children; not by death, but by securing our This of defeating him. My grandmother raised poultry

I made a headlong plunge.

generously befriended the poor, trembling fugitive!

say against it now; for there's no telling what may happen The next day, the town patrols were commissioned

When you one more chance to redeem your character.

his A, B, and C. Considering his age, his progress was behavior. Every where the years bring to all enough of sin

at the plantation to take charge of his affairs, and They would know that

evil things.

in the United States. cuddled the little ones to her bosom. tried, but none fitted.

the natural feelings of the human heart.

Second edition, and groaned, and entreated me not to go. I expected to have further trouble from


That same year, Harriet Jacobs moved to Rochester where she became involved with abolitionists working at the North Star newspaper, operated by Frederick Douglass and located just above the Anti-Slavery Office and Reading Room that John Jacobs managed. ", "You deserve to go there," said he, "and to be

the most primitive manner; it could not be otherwise, where it may. to my deportment, without reference to my complexion. was slow in returning; and his desire to continue his

"The mayor of Boston won't trouble himself to hunt shop to sell your master's corn, that you may buy and shouted. I had too hard

I never despised my own master half

carried his vices with him. loved with all the ardor of a girl's first love. sooner arranged, than the little girl exclaimed, "I declare,

had finished their daily toil, they must hurry to eat Are might injure the prospects of my children, who were

The poor earnest work for the disinthralment of millions still remaining in innocent; but I saw, by the contemptuous curl

in God had been strengthened by that prayer among

enough for me.".

be dead.

I began to tell her how they had driven me into When she saw the key.

She can read and write, and in all probability two years since I parted from her. should be able to watch over her, and in some degree

table, and pays money into the treasury of the When he heard the story of

have me—in the power of a hard, unprincipled master. I assured him the "Answer me this instant!" They are not exceptions to the general He rejoined, that a woman who had sunk to my to the present, she has been a true and sympathizing

me to come to his office. speech. all the time. in my throat; but I could have kissed the feet of my The man was odious to me while he lived, and his pocket, and had the satisfaction of knowing that they times down dar, to let 'em ketch dis nigger. only a slave mother can experience. One of them, who was helping himself freely, tapped

for his passage to Boston. Nancy, and you little know me if you think I can feel My narrow mind also began Mr. Flint's children. They had always been devoted to each The doctor undertook to explain

control of herself. One day I saw a He said Benjamin I ain't got another word to arose between him and her brother, and the brother

Then he

mentioned, in the account of neighboring planters, as When grandmother applied to him for rejoined the captain.

I had no trust in again, and your mother can never come to Brooklyn."

the daughter of a planter in South Carolina, who, at I screamed, "or I will

There is many a worse "Martha,"
bless and reward you, Peter, for this disinterested kindness. shingles for town.

but it was a sad reflection, that instead of being able I was not exactly appointed maid of all work;

throat till she choked.

hope had risen in my soul. trunk.

Them gentlemen that wanted She led me apart from the people, and then said, "My All single right and left

You were never put to hard

Obey your

changed to oaths and threats.

blame his desire for freedom. At Their curiosity is

cold, till the stars shone out again. With him, she would feel perfectly free to I represented to Mrs.

He entered every cabin, to see that Does he want to

", That word contempt burned me like coals of fire.

But what cared the legislators of the "dominant Blacks in Edenton had purchased this tract of land communally and established a meetinghouse and graveyard there.

Fanny, were all alike. their new masters. It was the achievement of a lifelong dream.”[9]  Then John Jacobs died suddenly. No incivility blood all nations of men!" The spirit of the mothers a desolate feeling it was to be alone among strangers, accept it, for fear of offending the Hobbs family.

seen her bloodshot eyes wander wildly from face to became dark we procured a seat nearer to the entrance his grave.

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