Part 1: Testing Continuity. Remember always to return the meter to its read voltage after using it. Locate the dial of your multimeter. To make sure that the meter is back to the read voltage, just return the probes to the voltage port and set the meter such that it reads the Direct Current voltage range. Part 2: Testing Voltage So, you need to connect your multimeter in series with your circuit.TIP: to place the multimeter in series, you need to place the red probe on the lead of a component and the black probe on the next component lead. These determine the ranges of magnitude. When you're done using the meter, always return the meter to read voltage (return the probes to the voltage port, set the meter to read the DC voltage range if necessary). The multimeter acts as if it was a wire in your circuit.

This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. How to Use a Multimeter - Beginner's Crash Course - YouTube At the very basic level you have the device itself, along with two probes, which are the black and red cables that have plugs on one end and metal tips on the other. Thank you for the support! Protips About Using A Multimeter. How to Use a Multimeter.

Every fixer should know their way around a multimeter, which has just north of a zillion uses for testing electronic components and circuits.Follow along to master the three most basic functions of a multimeter. For starters, lets go over some of the different parts of a multimeter. Learn how to use a multimeter so you can start diagnosing some of those electrical system gremlins yourself!In this quick multimeter tutorial I take you through all the functions you'd use for DC circuits using simple examples you can try yourself.I've always enjoyed tinkering with my electronic toys as a child and found the instructions that come with these units rather ...lacking it was a process of trial and error to understand how to set up a multimeter correctly but in the end the effort was well worth as I jumped to bigger and bigger projects!TOOLS in the video (or similar):--------------------------------------------------Multimeter: Multimeter Leads: THE WRENCH ARMY, get exclusive perks == https://gearheaddiva/wrench-army-------------------------------------+ Monthly Bonus Project Video+ Monthly Live Stream+ Free Project Plans+ Access Wrench Army Discord+ Collaborate on Future Projects/Content+ Merch Discounts+ Giveaways GEARHEAD DIVA (auto/workshop episodes) on social media:-------------------------------------------------------------Facebook: RACHEL DE BARROS on social media:-------------------------------------------------------------Facebook: #electronics #automotiveDISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. If you have left your meter in 'current' mode, you won't see the voltage on the display. [2] X Research source The arc-shaped marks on the meter dial face may be different colors that indicate each scale, so they will have different values.

It's common to grab a meter and begin to quickly measure the voltage between two pins. To measure current you need to bear in mind that components in series share a current. This has the arc-shaped scales visible through the window and a pointer which will indicate the values read from the scale.

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