Nerds on Call – Nerds on Call is the blog of an IT consulting firm. How would you communicate with an upset customer? Help desk support works with the IT team, and will often interact with system and computer users across the company. What Does A Help Desk Technician Do? According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for computer support specialists, which includes IT help desk support staff, is set to rise 10 percent through 2026. Help Desk Specialists provide technical support to clients experiencing computer hardware and software issues.

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or similar field. His/her job description entails resolving daily support requests and helping in completing larger IT projects. Most midsize and large companies have IT help desk support staff to address internal hardware and software issues and help employees with general IT questions. All rights reserved. IT Help Desk Technician responsibilities include: Serving as the first point of contact for customers seeking technical assistance over the phone or email Performing remote troubleshooting through diagnostic techniques and pertinent questions Determining the best solution based on the issue and details provided by customers This involves designing and implementing a specific training strategy for each project. Help Desk Support provides support to end users for computer, application, system, device, access and hardware issues. Since technology is used in most industries, IT help desk support staff can find themselves employed within a wide variety of industries. Diagnose the Root Cause of Hardware and Software Issues. Many teams work within a ticketing system, so that each member of the help desk team will have a variety of tickets to address and close out each day in addition to their maintenance tasks. They respond to queries, isolate problems, troubleshoot issues, and implement solutions. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median salary for computer support specialists, which includes IT help desk support staff, is $52,160. As a Help Desk Specialist, you will be required to respond to queries in person and over the phone, assess and diagnose computer hardware and software problems, and implement effective solutions. While some of this information doesn’t apply directly to IT help desk support staff, it is a good blog to follow to keep up with industry trends. It can also be useful to get a specialized or niche certificate in PC repair, network administration, or help desk support. General awareness of computer systems, PC repair, and network management.
Documents, tracks, and monitors the problem using applicable systems and tools. The role of IT help desk support staff is a junior level position. From reading blogs and attending conventions, to taking a free course online, there are many ways and places to expand your skills.

It is a good desk resource for IT help desk support staff. ZDNet – ZDNet has been reporting on the world of information technology since 1991. They also have to be experts in the software used by their employer—which ranges from common commercial software to specialized proprietary software.
Help desk technicians are instrumental to the smooth running of any IT department, and they also provide a valuable service to customers and clients. Check out some of our top jobs. That being said, many in help desk support find themselves acting as the first point of contact when a user is facing hardware, software, or system issues. They are responsible for answering queries and addressing system and user issues in a timely and professional manner. Diagnosing issues with computer software, peripherals, and hardware.

Ability deploy, configure, and support operating systems on desktop and mobile. Installing and upgrading hardware and software systems. Help Desk Specialists provide technical support to clients experiencing computer hardware and software issues. The help … Additionally, hardware and software companies have their own dedicated IT help desk to help external users of their products. While in recent years some traditional help desk tasks have been outsourced, there will always be a desire for onsite support within every large company. Internal IT help desk support staff is responsible for training all employees on new hardware and software. We are seeking a detail-oriented, thorough, and organized help desk employee to join our growing team. They typically work under the direction of an IT support manager. This book is a great read and reference resource for those who want to improve their communication and customer service skills. Knowledge of computer software systems, including databases, office applications, and operating systems.

The more niche skills a help desk support specialist has, generally the higher the salary will be. Those who have an analytical mind and thrive as problem-solvers do well in this position. IT help desk support staff helps end users, employees, and companies, efficiently use IT hardware and software and address issues or challenges that may arise from using them. Understanding and proactively maintaining daily system performance, having the ability to troubleshoot customer problems, and innate follow-up and follow-through skills are all essential aspects of the help desk support’s day-to-day role. Ultimately, a skilled Help Desk Specialist provides fast and effective support over the phone and in person. It is updated on a regular basis with educational articles, and it has a section of how-to articles for tinkering with technology. In these cases, they are responsible for keeping the user calm while handing the issue to their direct supervisor. Advanced knowledge of help desk software and remote-access systems. Additionally, Help Desk Support … Senior IT help desk support staff are paid more and have more complex responsibilities. Here’s a few to think about in order to get started: Joining a professional organization demonstrates your commitment to the role, and helps to develop your professional network. Help desk support personnel can plan for upgrades, updates, and maintenance tasks, but there will always be unexpected issues that arise in a given day. Searching for a new role in help desk support? For example, an Application Support Specialist makes an average $11k more in base salary. Understanding and appreciation for information security within systems and user devices. IT help desk support staff is responsible for taking care of basic hardware and software tasks. In this position, you will be responsible for providing technical assistance and support to clients with computer systems, hardware, or software issues.

In addition to these traits, the following skills are needed to find employment as IT help desk support staff: It may be possible to get an IT help desk support position with just a high school diploma if one has the right technical knowledge, but many candidates have at least an associate’s degree in information technology or computer science. The help desk support role will vary depending on the organization and overall systems environment but these are the duties and activities common to most help desk positions.

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