Spetsnaz Training and execution of hostage and wounded personnel rescue. influence of military-industrial complexes in US and FRG, National Democratic Party in FRG etc. Tourist trips abroad and other kinds of exchanges with foreigners offer an opportunity for Soviet intelligence to gather information. His boss didn’t fall for this and ordered him to spend more time with Advisor and get him recruited for the FRG, and that his affinity with the Social Democrats didn’t matter, as they weren’t distinguishable from the ruling party. The agents are instructed to go through the motions of ordinary activities with real people as part of their cover for the espionage work involving feigned relationships. Such data bases made international cooperation easier, but this meant, for example, that West Germany and Italy kept lists of leftists as well as ultra-right organizations to check. There was no reason to suspect him of CI connections. Studying a target means collecting info on its organizational structure; tasks, functions, personnel, in order to determine what secret info might be there used for influence and other active measures, regarding government institutions, parliaments, political parties etc. If the person didn’t show up, he was to return the suitcase to Gensolen.

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While such possibilities are there, they did not account fully for the observations. Simeonov, a traitor to the Motherland, sentenced in his day by a Soviet court They have to have certain skills and also personal and work skills to do this, or undesirable consequences occur. Scientific and Technological Intelligence, 1. In this book, Kravchuk using factual material exposed the "They do, however, have more access to clothes and blankets. Then the rezidentura learned about the plans of reactionary parties to provoke a government crisis; John was ordered to speak out against the government with his group then appeal to change the party’s leadership. This webinar is part of the 2019 series of Advanced Training Webinars for Master Gardeners sponsored by Oregon State University Extension. The thrust of it was that the staff of the Representative – Codes should be kept as simple as possible so as to be easy to remember, and messages should be kept short. Habits are instilled to establish and strengthen contacts with foreigners of interest to intelligence, and placing the necessary influence on them.”. people connected to the Soviet Committee. – Citizen “B” in a Near Eastern country with friendly relations to the USSR was recruited in a Western embassy. If it is a book store, a book must be purchased or at least an inquiry made about a book. Staff in US embassies of use to the Soviet Union (military, technical personal, coders, secretaries, administrators, etc.) The levee and River Road are on the right. He would make entirely speculative deals to raise this stash. In great detail, the author describes his near misses, his unsuccessful attempts at friendship, and finally stumbling on the clue that he needed to reassure Advisor:  that he wouldn’t be hitting on his wife. The transfer of disinformation materials by foreign intelligence through its planted agents has the advantage that this information, if it is well-prepared, will be quickly reported to offices (in the government, general staff, etc.).”. In a sense, this relic of Cold War tradecraft is as much a monument to the West’s nimble manipulation of émigré circles as it is a manual on how to recruit them for Moscow. Despite the increasing importance of using recruiter agents, development of persons of interest is also applied more widely especially in countries with difficult conditions. Sometimes those in the humanities have a better prospect for a job; other times it is technical and medical studies that would work. Various hostile emigre organizations are used for this purpose.

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