Los korat suelen ser muy afectuosos con sus amos pero un poco ariscos con extraños y niños. Another of the Korat's more recognizable traits are its large, round, luminescent green eyes and heart-shaped head. The Korat is a muscular, medium-sized cat with an average lifespan of 15 years, although some of these cats have been known to live into their early 20s. "Felinexpress" Artículo sobre el Korat standard, https://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Korat&oldid=128242168, Wikipedia:Artículos con datos por trasladar a Wikidata, Wikipedia:Artículos destacados en la Wikipedia en francés, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores LCCN, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0. One of the oldest and naturally purest breeds found today is the Korat. Grooming is an essential part of owning any cat. The first Korat to be honored at the national level was Munn Kette in 1981, which took seventh place in competition. Five years later, already back in the United States, she received notice from her Thai friend that two Korat kittens were on their way to her, later naming them Nara and Dara. The silver-blue cats with the emerald-green eyes are said to date to the 14 th century based on their depiction in ancient literature. These silver tips give the cat's body a phosphorous-like effect, glowing radiantly.

The Korat has not yet achieved the level of Best Cat in the U.S., but it does consistently win places in competitions.

Actualmente el libro se encuentra en la Biblioteca Nacional de Bangkok. Originally hailing from Thailand, they are now a popular breed in the U.S and beyond and will bring endless hours of love and companionship to your life. ​ Camada media: de 1 a 3 gatitos Korat cats are super friendly, intelligent, and loyal and will be a total hit with any family. The Korat's introduction to the American people came about in 1959, when cat enthusiast Jean Johnson received a pair of Korats from a friend in Bangkok, Thailand. As a breed, they have never been cross-bred and thus they all have a pure family lineage. Its hair begins at the root in a light blue color, darkening along the shaft, into a slate grey-blue color, and tipping at the end in silver. An attention-seeker, it will climb on your lap or arms to show its love. They usually live for about 15 years, but some Korat cats have even lived into their early 20s.

Related Post: Cat Food for Kidney Disease. The 1953 standard describes this feline as “medium, dainty, and long,” whereas the… View More. Regular grooming is also a great time to bond with your darling cat. • Color: Rojo, crema, azul crema y lila crema; punto tortuga en foca y chocolate; y punto lince en foca, chocolate, azul, lila, rojo, tortuga chocolate, crema azul, lila crema, y foca tortuga. Soon they were entering cat shows and being recognized in their own right. It is important to keep their eyes clean and healthy. If your cat experiences lethargy, nausea, rapid weightloss, stomach upset, will not eat their food, or seems confused, you need to get them to your vet immediately for a check up. Problemas de salud conocidos: la GM1 y la GM2 son unas raras enfermedades neuromusculares que en ocasiones afectan a los korat.

If they have regular eye problems be sure to book an appointment with your vet, as they might need eye drops or medication.

Outcrossing them with her resident blue point Siamese cats to avoid inbreeding, she then removed any kittens with Siamese characteristics from the breeding program, thereby establishing the first American Korat family. Puede ser avasallador. In fact, many have won prestigious competitions and are praised for their gorgeous coats and stunning eye color. Although the Cat Fanciers Association will only accept the blue-silver Korat -- the only acceptable color for the Korat name -- it is far from the only color the Korat is born in.

This means being able to take care of all their health and grooming needs and being able to budget for possible expenses that might ensue.

If you ever suspect that they are unwell book them in for an appointment. Because of this, they are a great pet for children and will delight in hours of fun. Juguetón y muy dócil. They were traditionally given as gifts, and never purchased. Because of their loyal nature, they will be the perfect companion cat. With a deep and lustrous coat of blue-grey, it is no wonder the Korat was, and is, thought to be an auspicious embodiment of prosperity. These ingredients are often harmful and won’t support healthy development and ultimate health.

Esperanza de vida: aproximadamente 16 años

You will want to ensure that their nails are clipped regularly to prevent them from scratching themselves or others and causing harm. Como los siameses, los korats son buscadores de juguetes lanzados, son gatos cuyo juego favorito es aquel en el que tu tomas parte activa. The first Korat Cats in the US arrived in the 1950s and their names were Nara and Darra. Peso de un adulto: de 2,5 a 4,5 kg Luckily Korats are usually great at grooming themselves and thanks to their short hair they don’t need major grooming skills, however as an owner you will still need to brush them a few times a week to keep those dazzling coats in check and to ensure that the hair they have shed comes off. The best way to show your Korat how much you care is to spend time with them. El rasgo más característico de la raza Korat, es su pelaje azul plateado, el único que realmente se admite, mientras que sus ojos son verdes, grandes, redondos, expresivos y separados entre sí. Temperamento: poco maullador pero de fuerte personalidad; exige atención y le gusta salirse con la suya. Esta página se editó por última vez el 4 ago 2020 a las 13:01. Affected cats usually show symptoms at around 2-3 months and by one year of age the condition usually takes its toll and is fatal. (You know that famous blue-grey coat with silver tips and those stunning green eyes! Ensure that your kitten’s vaccination chart is up to date and always consult your vet if you are unsure of when their next appointment is or what their next vaccination should be. The Korat is a living good-luck charm in his home country of Thailand, where he is also known as the Si-Sawat cat.

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