Residents have my assurance that those questions will be fully addressed by the investigation., — Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) October 28, 2020, A Philadelphia Foot Locker was looted clean at the BLM riot. I spoke tonight with Mr. Wallace’s family, and will continue to reach out to hear their concerns first-hand, and to answer their questions to the extent that I am able. I’m not saying outright that I advocate FOR looting, but I do understand the point of the rioting, and I suppose I see that destruction of private property as the point of rioting. Ah yes, capitalism is wonderful. "Last night we saw further evidence of the anguish of Black and brown residents of our city who have struggled their entire lives under systemic racism," he told a news briefing. Biden: Do I look like a radical socialist.

You know my story, my family's story. In America, we resolve conflicts through the courts and the justice system. According to CNN’s Sara …

Trump and the Republican Party last week closed a convention focused on the theme of "law and order," painting a deeply distorted picture of cities subsumed by street violence that would soon spread to the suburbs, where he needs to rebuild his standing with White voters in order to defeat Biden, if he does not win reelection. The speech comes at a fraught moment, ahead of Trump's Tuesday trip -- against the wishes of Wisconsin's Democratic governor, Tony Evers -- to Kenosha, a city wracked with violence following the police shooting of a 29-year-old Black man, Jacob Blake, the property damage and looting that followed, and the killing of two protesters there. As I’m writing this a common refrain is coming back to me, “get yours”, basically when you see an opportunity take it regardless of the consequences. Wallace's death has led to civil unrest such as rioting, looting and assault that began Monday night and continued on Tuesday night. The other thing about being really poor is that you never really look at your life at the macro level, it’s really all about getting through that day. To continue reading login or create an account. Looting is not protesting. In his first major campaign event after last week's Republican convention, the former vice president delivered a forceful response to Trump and his allies' racially charged claims that the looting and property damage that has taken place amid protests over racial injustice in some cities would spread to the suburbs if Biden is elected in November.

None of this is protesting. “Looting rejects the legitimacy of ownership rights and property, the moral injunction to work for a living, and the ‘justice’ of law and order,” she writes. What I'm witnessing is terrible. ( Log Out /  Setting fires is not protesting.

I guess that's being looked at very strongly. A lawyer for Wallace's family said he had suffered from bipolar disorder and that his condition was relayed by his wife to the officers who encountered him before the shooting. This isn't journalism. The White House responded to the violence and looting, which included approximately 1,000 participants, according to the Philadelphia Police Department, by saying in a statement: The riots in Philadelphia are the most recent consequence of the Liberal Democrats’ war against the police. The Officer Involved Shooting Investigation Unit of PPD will conduct a full investigation. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. ", "Donald Trump has been a toxic presence in our nation for four years," Biden said. "Biden and [Kamala] Harris stand up, and they stand with the rioters and the vandals. Get inside access to The Daily Wire by becoming a. These areas are experiencing widespread demonstrations that have turned violent with looting.”. So that’s one aspect of it, when that’s your financial perspective burning a car or a building are pretty much the same thing. And that's what you're going to have, and you can't let it happen. We can never allow mob rule. This is excusing arson, looting, rioting, and the destruction of minority-owned businesses. Really? Get inside access to The Daily Wire by becoming a, 30 Police Officers Injured By Anti-Police Rioters In Democrat-Controlled Philadelphia. I’ve added some formatting for readability. hide caption. Both Trump and Biden have carved out stances on the matter, with Trump focusing his appeals to law enforcement and maintaining "law and order," while Biden has acknowledged systemic racism in the United States and vowed if elected to more closely examine how to repair relationships between police and minority communities.

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