At first, this looks like a traditional establishing shot of Mando’s ship, the Razor Crest, approaching a planet. Surely many planets have plentiful cloud systems like this. No official confirmation yet, but it looks like the hooded woman who disappears in a flash whilst spying on the Mandalorian is played by WWE Superstar Sasha Banks. Those Imperial troops are still alive and kicking, and it looks like Moff Gideon’s TIE Fighter wasn’t the only one with collapsible wings allowing the ships to bring their cockpit closer to the ground for an easy exit. That takes Mando and the kid to many locales across the galaxy, and puts them in the sights of plenty of nefarious characters.

However, based on this trailer, it seems likely Banks is actually playing some unnamed new Jedi character. The Mandalorian says “You expect me to search the galaxy and deliver this creature to a race of enemy sorcerers?” which is maybe the best description of the Jedi ever.

The light sparks after Mando appears to shoot out the light after hanging this guy out to dry. Check out @RBatSWNN on @StarWarsExplain talking Mando! The first trailer for season two of The Mandalorian dropped this morning. Another quick shot takes us back to that seedy, dark street from before, but this time Mando brings some light to the area by tying up someone from a street lamp with a his gauntlet grappling feature.

And that alarm that we hear during this quick shot would seem to indicate that it’s likely we’ll be encountering a Star Destroyer that these troopers are on. The Armorer keeps it real in her reply: “This is the way.”., Still feel a twinge of regret this didn't make the cut. Logo Concept by: Illumination Ink. A new character, or someone familiar? While the Armorer's words from the Season 1 finale narrate the scene, the camera cuts to a woman wearing a dark cloak who seems to be watching our heroes. In darkness, we hear the scuffle of Mando beating up anyone who tries to mess with him, and we see the end of the battle where he takes out what appears to be a Dathomirian. Although the Battle of Endor was commonly considered the moment the Empire fell, the Star Wars sequels proved otherwise, replacing the iconic Return of the Jedi clash with the Battle of Jakku. The Official Wallpaper Thread, fanart welcome! Let’s dig into the details with out The Mandalorian season 2 trailer breakdown. They’re not among the most well known of Star Wars species, generally speaking, but have made appearances across much of Star Wars media, including The Clone Wars and Resistance. Who is that mysterious hooded figure stalking Baby Yoda and Mando? More on him in a moment. So, who is Banks playing? Could she be a Jedi, or is she just a representative of those who may secretly still be alive outside of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa? After a long wait, the first trailer for The Mandalorian's second season has finally arrived, offering a glimpse at what Jon Favreau has is store following the runaway critical and commercial success of season 1.

Is it an asteroid... or a crashing Razor Crest? We’ve seen a shot of Mando sitting on this speeder bike with The Child sitting inside of a satchel on board. Previously, she also wielded the Darksaber – though her current intentions and alignments are unclear and canonically it will have been several years since she was last season. Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy. Disney+ finally released the first trailer for the highly anticipated second season of The Mandalorian, and it gave us a fantastic first look at the next series of adventures for the bounty hunter Din Djarin and his valuable, curious, and powerful little asset known as The Child. The casting of Banks was reported earlier this year when the WWE star began Tweet-sparring with Cara Dune actress and former UFC fighter, Gina Carano, but Banks' character is still very much an enigma. The Mandalorian asks, “Where?” The Armorer answers, saying “This you must determine.”. But these Scout Troopers don’t look like the bumbling schmucks who were tasked with holding onto The Child in the first season. We know Mof Gideon is leading a section of them – but will they become the embers of the New Order, the villains eventually led by Kylo Ren? If you click on the closed captions, the voice is confirmed to be The Armorer. We do know it’ll revolve around The Mandalorian, Din Djarain, on his quest to return “The Child” — we call it Yeetle around here — to its people, The Jedi. Here's our full breakdown. Needless to say, a second season was swiftly green-lit, and fans have been eagerly anticipating Mando's return ever since. As the mysterious woman suddenly disappears in the crowd, Mando asks, “You expect me to search the galaxy and deliver this creature to a race of enemy sorcerers?” The Armorer responds, “This is the way.”. His short fiction appears in Strange Horizons, Interzone, Shimmer, and other venues. Oh yea, and some more Baby Yoda (I mean The Child) action. The first trailer for season two of The Mandalorian dropped this morning. The Mandalorian season 2 trailer has arrived – and everyone has questions.
What's much more likely is that we're looking at Sasha Banks' mysterious new character. Establishing that this season will take place in many different locales, the next one we see is that of an ice planet.

Early speculation is that it could be Hoth or Ilum, but it’s a big galaxy. The payload bay doors are open in this shot. The Razor Crest is flying in the background. So unless this is a huge misdirect, this new character is probably a Jedi, and she might be the first Jedi we meet on The Mandalorian.

But upon closer inspection, the back door of the ship is flapping around, the lights inside the ship are flickering, and one of the engines is damaged, sparking as the ship floats through space. Another familiar environment in the world of Star Wars, though not as prominent as the desert, is a chilly one. What happened to Mando’s ship and who’s responsible? SHARE TWEET. There he sees a mysterious woman in red, who eagle-eyed fans have identified as professional WWE wrestler Sasha Banks.

It appears some of the crew might be Quarren.
Or in the Star Destroyer Giancarlo Esposito recently hinted at? The visual is a great metaphor for the David vs. Goliath battle that Din Djarin faces in his mission to protect Baby Yoda, but there's no clue on exactly how the Razor Crest becomes so badly damaged.

The Mando Fan Show: The Mandalorian Chapter 9 Review (Video and Audio). There’s graffiti on the wall, and even with the street lamps lining the street, it’s incredibly dark.

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