Oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood, [Verse 1 – Lil Wayne] If it's not gon stand up in court Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. I mean, given the fact that humanity, well good humanity rather

And that just means you’re a little unhuman than us humans haaaa If sometimes you see that I’m mad I'm just a soul whose intentions are good Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood. Dropping ashes in the bible Meanin due to the laws we have Blondes Have More Fun is every bit as uncertain as Stewart’s premier albums, but as he trades in his doubts for bombast, he eclipses his most likable side. Now it’s Young Money baby, keep the change Do you know any background info about this track?
Sex offender on the level 3 drug, convicted, ex-con, yeah, check him out Perry Mason facing, the barrel if he tattle All real very, extraordinary Was that our jails are populated with drug dealers, You know crack cocaine, stuff like that

And rather unhuman I should say ‘Cause I live in the suburbs but I come from the hood

Album: Tha Carter III I shake em out and they fall on the rifle, Scary, Hail Mary no tale fairy Yeah, that nigga live right down the street from you And nobody like you, haha You know us young mothafuckas, you know that 1 in 9

But the characteristics fall heavily into bads way haaah Perry Mason facin the barrel if he tattle Our jails are populated with drug dealers Talkin about how young black guys are targeted the other day right So with that said, I don’t fault you, I mean, you’re only human haa

For the real mothafuckas, the real criminals We don‘t have an album for this track yet. We don't have what you have, why? Add lyrics on Musixmatch. We probably only sellin the crack cocaine Why? My God is my judge, no gown, no gavel, I'm a rebel, down to battle Ain’t the reason why I live next door to him I’m bright but I don’t give a fuck if you see me, [Chorus]

Meanin’ due to the laws we have on Crack Cocaine and regular Cocaine And I don’t care if that’s good or bad, haha So for those who understand meet Dwayne What are you asking? Targeted by who? And not in the suburbs If it’s not goin’ stand up in court And ain’t it funny how people change like Easter Sunday Mr. Sharpton, and anyone like you, you don’t know me

For eight and a half months I gave Ms. Cita pain Don’t trip, he live right on the end of your block, mmm hmm My Momma say fuck ‘em, and we the same

Yeah, well you know what **coughing**, that’s the good weed

You move him out, bring him to jail for life Stood in the heat, the flame, the snow

‘Nother thing, let me take my glasses off You know where I'm goin, But why brin a mothafucka to jail

To me is helpin’ one another, no matter your color or race In the hood all day and not in the suburbs And see what the white guy was trying to stress was that

The real criminals, you know

So hello motherfucker you got some sheets to change Now, it's Young Money, baby, keep the change, My mama say fuck em and we the same

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