Due to difficulties and drawbacks in carrying out work independently, organizations are increasingly involved in interorganizational projects (Kenis, Janowicz-Panjaitan, & Cambre, 2009; Scott, Levitt, & Orr, 2011). Successful change initiatives start at the top. Change-supportive employee behavior: Antecedents and the moderating role of time, The effect of goal setting on group performance: A meta-analysis, The effects of feedback interventions on performance: A historical review, a meta-analysis, and a preliminary feedback intervention theory, Building work engagement: A systematic review and meta-analysis investigating the effectiveness of work engagement interventions, Organizational and supervisory justice effects on experienced threat during change: The moderating role of leader in-group representativeness, Work—Life initiatives and organizational change: Overcoming mixed messages to move from the margin to the mainstream, Leading change: Why transformation efforts fail, Accelerate! Please click here to comment on my related LinkedIn post. Then, the Operator 2 manager suggested splitting up the transformation process into two speeds: one direct implementation for Operators 2 and 4 and one slow implementation for Operators 1 and 3. Similar resulting “lumpiness”[12] may necessitate making major changes in the organization when the change in strategy is relatively minor. [10] Nenkat Venkatraman, “The Concept of Fit in Strategy, Research: Toward Verbal and Statistical Correspondence, Academy of Management Review 14 (1989): 423-444. Dr. W. Scott Sherman addresses the issues involved in managing strategic change and understanding resistance to change.

I think that has been the reason they put it on a hold” (interview with employee, Operator 3, April 2015). Latham G. P., Winters D. C., & Locke E. A. Cognitive and motivational effects of participation: A mediator study, Understanding organizational change: A schematic perspective, Reactance versus rationalization: Divergent responses to constrained freedom, Challenging the code of change: Part 1. The studies on project management, however, largely ignore the complex and emergent characteristics associated with the implementation of change (Crawford, Aitken, & Hassner-Nahmias, 2014; Jaafari, 2003). In the first step, resisters follow their initial rejection of a managerial decision; in the second step, resistance is made public by the resisters and support is organized; and in the third step, top management is forced to cooperate and coproduce new policies. The aligning practice constrained the process because there was no collective reflection and discussion of ideas between top management, middle managers, and shop floor employees.
However, the strategic changes in a strategy revision do not require a significant organizational change, usually because of a flexible structure or slack resources in the existing structure. After each meeting, notes were written in a journal on the progress of the process. Enter your email address below and we will send you the reset instructions. New login is not successful because the max limit of logins for this user account has been reached. Organizational change studies have investigated the potentially positive intentions that may instigate negative responses to organizational change (Courpasson, Dany, & Clegg, 2012; Fiedler, 2010; Fleming & Spicer, 2003; Ford, Ford, & D’amelio, 2008; Piderit, 2000; Thomas, Sargent, & Hardy, 2011).

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