Used by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Bubba Watson, an interlocking grip is ideal for players with small hands.When it is used to lock the two hands together, newbies are often recommended to use this grip at the start of their careers. Talking about its formation, an interlocking golf grip can be formed by using pinky finger of the right hand along with the index and middle of the left. So and so does it this way; I’ve been taught to hold it like this; it feels more natural when I grip in this style. By Rory McIlroy Photos by Dom Furore. Copyright ® 2020 United States Golf Teachers Federation, Associate Teaching Certification (Online), Certified Golf Teaching Professional® (Onsite), Master Golf Teaching Professional® (Onsite), Upgrade Your Teaching Certification (Onsite), Korean Language Courses for Korean American Citizens, Fond Memories Found In-Of All Places –A Range Basket, MASTERGOLF: A Unique App that Helps Your Students Become Better Golfers, International PGA Renewals Now Available at USGTF Headquarters, WGTF of Great Britain Hosts 1st Onsite Course After Shudown. La poignée de verrouillage peut présenter plusieurs avantages, en fonction de votre style de swing et de votre niveau de capacité. The hands simply lie alongside each other with no overlapping or interlocking – as if you were holding a baseball club. Getting it right can be the difference between a birdie on the par-4 or spending your days in the rough. 8 Ways To Get The Perfect Golf Grip. L'interlock. Copyright 2020. - Autre - 2020. Remember, it’s the only place your body connects with the equipment – the grip is the bridge from your body to the club. From the time a golfer picks up his first club, he is taught that having the proper grip is important to consistent ball-striking--creating both power and accuracy. Tiger Woods et Rory McIlroy utilisent la même adhérence, tout comme le légendaire Jack Nicklaus tout au long de sa carrière. I’ve been using this grip for the past 9-years. When I returned to golf, I could not interlock without pain. The emphasis is often placed on the correct positioning of the right and left hands on the club so that the hands work together as a unit. I think it might be time to reevaluate my grip; however, I am sticking with my interlocking grip for sure. Bien que Hogan ait utilisé une poignée qui se chevauchait, il suggéra de suspendre le petit doigt droit entre l’index et le majeur de la main gauche pour le rendre inutilisable. Si rien d'autre, la poignée de verrouillage permet la cohérence dans chaque swing. Avec une poignée qui se chevauchent, il est beaucoup plus facile pour les mains de se séparer pendant le backswing. After all, it’s the first thing taught at USGTF certification schools, and besides, all golf teaching pros should know how to teach the grip.

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