The emotional bones of the story remain strong. And a brand new one to boot. It helps that the musical has as its source “Sleepless in Seattle,” the wildly successful 1993 screen comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan that is unusual for keeping its romantically inclined leads apart until the very end. Standing behind the boundlessly charming and moving original it fades away. The week in theatre: Beat the Devil; Sleepless: A Musical Romance – review Bridge, London; Troubadour, Wembley Park David Hare’s explosive, first … Review: Sleepless: a Musical Romance - Troubadour Theatre (London) By Caroline Giovannucci. newspaper archive. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The excitement and anticipation and, yes, relief, were palpable before the press night at the Troubadour Webley Park Theatre. “Sleepless: A Musical Romance” at the Troubadour Wembley Park Theater in London. But too much of the score has a samey, easy-listening quality, with one song blurring into the next. All of which makes me want to hug the producers Michael Rose and Damien Sanders with pure gratitude; there is no earthly financial reason to persist in staging this show which was suspended at dress rehearsal stage. Jonah manages to trick his father into speaking with Dr Fieldstone on the air, and Sam describes the heartbreak and sleepless nights he's suffering after the loss of his wife - a story so touching that it captures the hearts of many, many single women across America. They milk it.

I particularly liked the details: the way that Ian William Galloway's video designs have the description of the architectural plans written along the top, in a nod to Sam's profession as an architect; how Sue Simmerling's costumes introduce flashes of colour into a desaturated world. Registered in England No. Tania Mathurin makes the most of some terrific, cynical lines as Annie's best friend Becky. But it’s unclear why Annie really needs to sing of her love for Grant — just as it’s hard to believe that so avid a film buff would debate the pronunciation of Kerr’s last name. Walsh sings cleanly and clearly and is thoroughly engaged with the role. The score, beautifully played by a 12-strong band, is jazz-inflected and full of zip and sophistication, evoking the spirit of the musicals of the 1930s while keeping its '90s setting. Annie pitches a piece about Sam to her editor, but soon comes to realise that Sam could be more than just a story. Sleepless: A Musical Romance was initially due to open in March, earlier this year, but was pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions shutting down theatres. View our Privacy Policy. 0 2 minutes read. Speaking of whom, young Jobe Hart (who shares the role of Jonah with Theo Collins, Mikey Colville and Jack Reynolds) is truly one to watch. Based on the hit 1993 hit film “Sleepless in Seattle,” the production is London’s first fully staged indoor musical in months. Based on the hit 1993 hit film “Sleepless in Seattle,” the production is London’s first fully staged indoor musical in months. The cast are largely strong and do a commendable job of breathing new life into a well-loved tale. Sleepless: A Musical Romance review — a dream of a feelgood treat without all the schmaltz Troubadour, Wembley Park. Christopher Biggins, Matthew Kelly and Gok Wan mingled with press, and friends and family of the cast. Review - Sleepless: A Musical Romance at Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre You have to admire the energy and chutzpah behind this new musical, based on the much-loved 1993 movie Sleepless in Seattle. But it doesn’t matter.

What's New on BroadwayHD for October 2020? Ultimately the songs in this show too often slow down the action of an already poorly paced staging. It’s fine to present Annie, a reporter for The Baltimore Sun, as a film buff with an abiding interest in the Cary Grant-Deborah Kerr film “An Affair to Remember,” to which the “Sleepless” film owes a debt.

Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. It also niftily transforms into the aforementioned New York landmark. What Annie responds to in Sam is his ability to talk about love and to acknowledge feelings – "I can't believe I'm so affected/A guy opened up/It's so unexpected"; her beau, on the other hand, has given her stock in the company for a Christmas present.

He gives the skilled and nuanced performance of an actor well beyond his years, and has a glorious voice to boot. Please, Kimberley Walsh wins hearts as the lovelorn Baltimore journalist. We had to wear masks, and staff took our temperature. I truly wanted to love this production so much. However, for all the cleverness of its writing and construction, the show never finds a big romantic song to express the feelings of its main protagonists. This reflects a larger problem with all the underwritten, thinly sketched secondary characters. McGuiness is impressively watchable, bringing a quiet charm, handsome voice and believable connection with his on-stage son. Yet both are attractive presences, and the entire show has style and class. I'm just glad it's there. Jay McGuiness produces a likeable and somewhat charismatic Sam, but his voice is perhaps a little weaker at times than the role requires. If you are going to turn an iconic film and sparkling script into a musical you better have a very good reason.

Of the handful of shows that have returned to the stage since coronavirus closed theatres, this musical version of the 1993 romcom Sleepless in Seattle starring former pop stars Kimberley Walsh and Jay McGuiness is the most ambitious – and the most seemingly normal. Cory English gives a standout turn as Sam's best friend Rob. Annie’s numbers exist largely to tell us that she’s “out of my mind” or “out of my head,” as you might be, too, if you developed a sudden obsession with a man on the other side of the United States based only on a chance hearing one holiday season on the radio. There was even a selection of complimentary Sleepless branded visors available for the audience to use (and take home of course!)

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