If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account. As regards personnel management at the top level, the ministry is responsible for deployment of certain categories of officers including matters relating to their promotion, training and discipline. Parliamentary form of government, president is head of the State and prime minister is head of government. In the absence of contemporary historical literature on the details of administration, it is difficult to build up a comprehensive account of the early medieval administrative institutions of Bengal. His position is somewhat akin to that of the head of the civil service and of the permanent bureaucracy in as much as all the secretaries look to him for advice and guidance. The most important characteristic of the BPSC is its constitutional rather than statutory basis. The Connectivity Agenda is a platform for countries to exchange best practices and experiences to trade and investment and undertake domestic reform. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The posts of deputy chief, senior assistant chief/assistant chief and research officer are reserved for the officers of BCS economic cadre. Justice Abu Sayeed Chowdhury; Chief of Mission at New Delhi: Humayun Rashid Choudhury; Chief of Mission at Calcutta: Hossain Ali. Director, Youth Camp: Wing Commander S R Mirza; Director, Information and Publicity Department: M R Akhtar Mukul; Director, Department of Films: Abdul Jabbar Khan; Director, Arts and Design: Quamrul Hasan; Relief Commissioner: J G Bhowmik. The posts of secretary, additional secretary, joint secretary, deputy secretary are held by the members of various cadre services in the secretariat. The role of the Secretariat includes policy formulation, planning, evaluation of plan under execution, assisting the ministers in the discharge of their responsibilities to the parliament, personnel management at the top level, and such other matters as may be determined by the Prime Minister from time to time. Under the Mughals with Mughal conquest, the kingdom of Bengal turned into a province (henceforth called subah) of the Mughal Empire. December 23. The secretary is also the principal accounting officer of the ministry/division, including the attached departments and subordinate offices, and ensures that funds allocated to the ministry/division, attached departments and the subordinate offices are spent in accordance with the budgetary provisions and the existing account rules. Since 1972, the Constitution has undergone certain amendments and changes, some by way of constitutional amendments and some under Martial Law Proclamation Orders. These persons made decisions that strengthened their own patronage networks and influence at the local level; the poorest strata in society had little direct voice in elected committees (Local Elites). The director general or, in some cases, the director as the departmental head is responsible for efficient functioning of the department under his charge. Business of the government is allocated among the different ministries and divisions. April 20, 1985 Promotion Aspects, Special Committee to Review the Structure of Senior Services Pool (SSP). In the Hindu-Buddhist period (ancient period) the administrative system evolved, which under the Muslim rulers (medieval period) underwent changes in name and structure; some basic traits remaining the same. But his system soon turned out to be inconsistent with the colonial state. Each division/ministry, if so required, is composed of a planning wing headed by a joint secretary/ joint chief and he is generally assisted by a deputy chief, an assistant chief and research officers. The Order changed the form of government to a parliamentary system with a cabinet of ministers headed by the Prime Minister. The Pitt’s India Act, 1784 required the company to pay attention to good governance. The form of government has also undergone changes quite a number of times. In the late 1980s, the centralization of power and influence within the civil service remained one of the prime targets of administrative changes designed to decentralize politics and economic development throughout Bangladesh. It also deals with matters relating to the remuneration and privileges of the President, Prime Minister and ministers. Local participatory politics met the civil service in the sub district council. The allocation of functions among the ministries/ divisions is made in accordance with the rules of business issued by the President in exercise of his powers conferred under article 55 (6) of the Constitution. On 1 September 1980 the government introduced a unified career service designated as Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) with 28 cadres and sub-cadres. The Constitution of Bangladesh defines the composition and functions of the commission in a chapter (2 of part IX) of five articles. The report shall be accompanied by a memorandum setting out (i) the cases in which the advice of BPSC was not accepted by the government and the reasons furnished by the latter for non-acceptance of such advice; and (ii) the cases in which BPSC ought to have been consulted, but was not consulted, and the reasons of such deviation. Government from the top down was the general rule for the Indian Civil Service and later the Pakistani and early Bangladeshi civil services. There are two broad aspects of such assistance to the minister. Pre-Gupta Period We has no definite information regarding the administrative system of Bengal during the pre-Mauryan period. In the rules of business of 1996, division is defined as a self-contained administrative unit responsible for the conduct of business of the government in a distinct and specified sphere and declared as such by the government. Based on the views of the committee final draft of the proposed law is placed before the Sangsad for approval. 1. During his tenure as chief martial law administrator, Ershad divided the country into five martial law zones, each headed by a handpicked senior army officer. Immediately after the return of Bangabandhu sheikh mujibur rahman from West Pakistani jail on 10 January 1972, the provisional government was dissolved under the Provisional Constitution of Bangladesh Order 1972, which in effect provided for the formation of a parliamentary system of government. Under the rules of business, the role of the ministry/division is limited to: Assisting the minister in the discharge of responsibilities to the Jatiya Sangsad. Ershad moved forcibly to end corruption and reorganize the government. Terminological Profile of the Civil Service Structure in Bangladesh. People’s Republic of Bangladesh (Gana Prajatantri Bangladesh). Generally, bigger ministries have more than one division. The Acting President then delivered his speech. The Secretariat helped Bangladesh use sport to meet development goals in, for example, gender equality and human rights. Special civil and military tribunals dealt harshly with the multitudes of professional bandits, smugglers, and guerrilla bands. The chairmen of the union councils formed the voting membership of the council at the sub district level, along with three appointed women and another appointed member, usually a former freedom fighter. After 1971 the government of Bangladesh saw the benefits of involving more people in democratic decision-making and development programs, but the progress of reform was slow. Administration in Bengal- a historic review. Zia also tried to integrate the armed forces, giving repatriates a status appropriate to their qualifications and seniority. Some of the posts of assistant secretary are also filled by persons drawn from the non-cadre secretariat service. It borders Myanmar in the south-east. They also provide the technical information and advise their parent ministry/division on technical aspects of business transacted by the latter. There is no uniform terminology describing the various segments of administrative structure of the Union government. In those days the rules for the conduct of business in the executive council were formulated through resolutions adopted in the council meetings. Faiz Uddin Ahmed, S A Samad, Kazi Raquibuddin Ahmed, Abdur Rab Serniabat. The imperial chronicles do not provide much information about the administrative set-up of a distant region like Bengal, although the gap has to some extent been filled in by travelers’ accounts and other sources. All executive actions of the Government shall be expressed to be taken in the name of the President. The proclamation of independence issued effective from 10 April 1971 provided for a provisional government under the leadership of Acting President syed nazrul islam with its headquarters located at mujibnagar. The most influential part of the executive of the Bangladesh government are the ministries. Scribd will begin operating the SlideShare business on December 1, 2020 Senior Assistant Secretary ; Assistant Secretary ; Divisional Commissioner ; Additional Divisional Commissioner ... Bangladesh Form; Dept. The Secretariat helped Bangladesh improve investment in its economy. Ministry of Bangladesh address, location at Bangladesh secretariat building in Ramna area, just west side of zero point and GPO. He is also responsible for careful observance of the Rules of Business in his ministry/division and attached departments and subordinate offices. He is an additional secretary to the government placed in BPSC on deputation. Secretariat nerve-centre of the administrative machinery and all governmental activities.

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