After running extensive tests between the two, I've found the Suhr sounds better, definitely more clarity. My son said he was very impressed with the Celestion tones, he felt that it really represented my Vintage 30’s from my 10yr old 2x12os cab! Thanks!!! So the url below is the updated chart. So, how's your Julius Music Box reactive load box holding up? If one wants to send a line out to the PA and use a cab on stage for monitoring, then one must accept 20dB of attenuation. Have a nice day! If you just require attenuation from your amp to your cab, Captor has you covered. Mahaska, "You were right!" the Suhr Reactive Load is by far a better sounding/feeling truer to the characteristics of speaker/cabinet performance! I'm guessing this won't compete with the Power Station on that front, and instead it is just an extra feature thrown in to offer something more. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

It is also a hell of a lot cheaper than a Royer 121 etc for people who are not sticklers for nuances.

Re: Suhr Reactive Load Vs Two Notes Vs Rockcrusher Sat, Feb 25, 2017 4:40pm brianiac5150 wrote: Having spied the forum and elsewhere regarding the Suhr Reactive Load - after having owned the excellent Torpedo Live and CAB units and selling them; I pulled the trigger this week on a SRL and am really lovin' it. This must be what Reza was speaking about.. sort of what I expected. In other words, you can run 8 Ohms into a 16 Ohm load, but not vice versa. How about a sample to compare the two outputs too? 2. Sounds like your experience with the Captor must have been “Defective” my Captor sounds great! I wanted to share this song with you as a reference with the Two Notes Captor & Celestion IR patch, I really like the Celestion in some areas over my OwnHammer patches which I think are a bit more "Refined" but still great sounding. I've bought the Torpedo Captor in the meantime and I'm very happy with it. I do session work for a living (a lot from my home studio "wave.files" from clients) but I also go to New York and Los Angeles (native of Calif.). Last edited by MantraSky; 23rd March 2018 at 10:12 PM .. What amp are we talking about here? When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I’m a guitarist so I’m extremely picky! Your're right I should have stated it as "My Opinion" Both companies build Great products! I do know what you mean! You can justify anything but working with recording engineers they were the ones that first brought it to my attention? Since the thread is brought back - here's a two years later update: From my understanding, reactive loads wouldn't necessarily have huge differences in sound, compared to passive resistive loads, where the sound difference can be pretty obvious and quite disparaging (I remember trying several resistive loads, each sounded differently, whereas the one reactive load I tried, by Two Notes, it sounded damn near identical to a real mic'd cab, after using their Wall Of Sound software). I also saw Pete Thorn demo some new celestion impulses today and they also sound very good. Live use is a part of what I am after. And if you want an easy and modern way to record your tube amp, Captor is simply “load” and record. (Suhr & Two Notes) I really wanted to like the Reactive Load more (I really did!) I have a resistive load (Jet City Jettenuator) and want a reactive load. Redwirez have great IR's and they have also have a nice interface that's easy to see the IR and they also have great flexibility. After critical listening and even using an Tektronix Oscilloscope (few others) there was No tonal difference! 2. Torpedo Captor comes in 3 … I hate using daw and plugins when practising. ... (Suhr & Two Notes) I really wanted to like the Reactive Load more (I really did!)

Just to say I've read this entire post after buying the Suhr Reactive load for my Blackface Showman (8 ohm), then the Torpedo captor 4 ohm after getting a new 4ohm amp (Gomez Surfer, i.e. So if I already have a Torpedo CAB, will this give me the reactive load part that I'm missing? I'm leaning heavily in this direction & when I finally make the decision I don't wanna have to wait very long (Sweetwater can get it but they apparently don't stock it)... I’ve own both RL & Captor, Love both of them! I really love “Celestion” IR’s in particular the Lynchback 4X12 HG-121+57 kind of like a meatier V30, where the V30 is more brighter, still sounds great, really loving the Celestion Specials and Speaker bundles. OOpps. texhex Well-Known Member. Didn't see the price? That was posted a couple months ago. I returned the redwirez after trying them (they do have an excellent return policy), Exact opposite experience here. The Captor can handle 100W and John Suhr said (over on TGP) his Reactive Load can handle 100W amps (actual peak of 200W) which explains the price difference.

Two notes Torpedo Captor vs Suhr Reactive Load, Awakening by Michael Garrett Weber | Free Listening on SoundCloud,, Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio. My BE-100 & SLO sound amazing! Could you send me a link? I play via a bass DI pre-amp direct into the PA, the current guitarist uses a POD-HD board for the same purpose and so does the keys player. Discussion in 'Other Amps' started by texhex, Jul 25, 2020 at 3:46 PM. Really interesting. Now if you said you prefer the tones of the Two Notes than that indicates it's subjective and I'll go as far as saying my opinion is strictly my preference and YMMV. You must log in or register to reply here. The point of the Captor isn't really to run as a normal attenuator, though - you. So I just assumed that even though "Suhr" isn't actually named in the chart it should be like the real 4x12 at the top but I could be wrong. Stripped the purple off and did a marble like finish. Here's an Impedance Curve of the Captor in comparison to Suhr, you can see the Suhr has the "Wave form" whereas the Captor simulates the curve, John stated it was due to "Less Parts" in the Captor build and Not the True Representation going to the DAW. With the Wall Of Sound plugin and a careful selection of cabinets and mics, I can actually get it to sound every bit as good as my actual cabs miced with an SM57 and a Royer R121 through a Neve preamp. The reason and this is good for others to note that John Suhr himself has said do not use the mic input it's not going to damage anything but it would be too low an input impedance and it would shave of some bass and use 10k or higher unless long cable runs. How do Celestion’s own IR’s sound/perform in wall of sound? The secret sauce is in how they designed the load.. seems they have just pieced together a few features on existing products so if you didn't like their rack mounted units, my guess is you won't like the load on this either.

View unanswered posts | View active topics, Board index » Rig-Talk Discussions » Rig-Talk, Moderators: smdb, Mailman1971, tfridgen, JackBootedThug, psycom, Users browsing this forum: Chris O, rickenbacker198, riffsfordaze and 30 guests. This looks rad! I was also on the road for many years, albums etc. This is of course IMHO, I wanted to really like the Suhr RL but in the end the Captor won for all it does, seriously great sounds, quality for “everyday, all day long performance” that is exactly what the Captor will do! but when it sounds "Great" through the Captor it … I do not dispute your points, at all; my limited income requires a “one and done” shopping strategy, thus I look for versatility. Reviews and opinions vary so much on the interwebs and I'll just go with what my ears tell me. I was rooting for the Captor to be at least on par with the Suhr for a couple reasons. Torpedo Captor comes in 3 versions: 4,8 and 16 ohms. Bonus, many official Suhr cabs are available as Two Notes cabs. I use Torpedo Captor with Bluguitar Blubox. I would respect whatever John says as I highly respect him. 1st post youhou ! And this is despite the impedance mismatch (4ohm Surfer in the 8 ohm Suhr). Would like to get it straight from John as you say. Below is a video going over what is included. Hello, I love both OwnHammer & Celestion! Sounds awesome!!! ", "Broccoli? If even in the slightest the Captor sounded odd weird or off in any way I “would get rid of it!” I don’t waste time or will put up with subpar equipment.

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