The prawn rolls are impeccable, whilst the fried dough rolls are a bit tough on the inside and appears as though the dough wasn't freshly fried. This is a good feeling. Voucher in non-transferrable and non-refundable. prawn dumpling, At night the dinner menu takes over, with a strong seafood focus including lobster and mud crab (market price), plenty of BBQ options, and a long list of soup, noodle, meat and veg dishes. Tell us how we are going by filling in our feedback form below, 2 Crofts Avenue , Hurstville NSW , Australia 2220, Please click here to view the Imperial Dynasty menu. Tell us how we are going by filling in our feedback form below Members only. Valid for the month of October: $98.80 Stir Fried lobster with vermicelli (Hot Pot) It’s fast, the food is great, and the eyes get to choose the dishes. seeing a new table arrive converge and park our table in surrounding us with trolleys. Well here is another easy, GFC-friendly snack that you can make yourself at home with the leftovers. By day, the large open-plan space fills with the hustle and bustle of yum cha trolleys, shouted orders and happy diners. Golden Sands is slightly hidden away from the main drag of Hurstville. Posted by kogepanman I always love the ham sui gok and although we usually don't order too many deep fried things, these are always an exception (these or the deep fried taro footballs or wu gok). Whilst Sunny's is the closest one, the dishes there aren't the best yum cha food I've tasted. Also be prepared to witness some theatre in the kitchen with a large viewing window providing direct access between you and the chefs working their magic. More please. The teapot is plopped down along with the chilli sauce and I joke to Mr NQN, "Do you want a Coke?" The facility offers private dining options, booth and banquet seating and floor to ceiling glass views. We looked at each other and smiled when the first trolley arrived at our table before we even got comfortable at our table. The food is delicious, but that can be said about other places as well. Imperial Dynasty’s refurbishment has delivered a contemporary and elegant dining space with a strong focus on customer comfort. It was a sunny Winter's afternoon when the urge for yum cha hit me hard. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be satisfied. hurstville, That’s always subjective, but we voted with our feet, so It’s a genuine opinion. "Any last orders?" Mr NQN prefers the more paste-like chilli sauce you can get at other places but that can taste a bit metallic to me. Required fields are marked *, Yvonne's travel, lifestyle and self-improvement blog -, Online Dating Portraits – Sydney – Tinder Photos,, Steamed pork combination dumplings and prawn & English spinach dumplings (both $8.80) are equally stuffed full of plump, fresh filling and truly satisfying. Phone number: 02 8957 7254. Sydney Scoop joined Jamaica Blue Cafes for an insightful and interactive morning with nutritionist and passionate foodie,�…. Our yum cha expert guest declares them some of the best har gao he has eaten in Sydney. With a noticeably sweet but very short pastry and a generous amount of chicken filling inside I wish I didn't have to share this with Mr NQN. Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant, Hurstville. © Copyright - Jay Smolak - Photography - Golf - Travel - Lifestyle, How I stopped myself snacking after dinner.

Last but not least, the sweet dim sims of lotus seed bun, custard bun and egg tart. The tendon was chewy fat which is said to be good for the joints (I like melting fat like pork belly) and this goes mostly untouched, congealing like all my hopes for it. Hurstville’s most popular dining destination – IMPERIAL DYNASTY! We're all so stuffed that we can only consider perhaps trying an egg custard tart. The decor is nice and well laid out although there is a bit of a feel of claustraphobia as one side of the windows face an apartment wall. food, That is why I go to yum-cha often. hurstville, What is your go to yum cha dish? I never regarded eating as a pleasure that should be relished. However, it is not bad and is close by so we opted to compromise.

Available for dinner at Imperial Dynasty Hurstville. Five Best Sydney Vegan and Vegetarian Eateries. Woke up before midday for once and so decided to make the most. Maximum of two birthday vouchers to be used in one sitting. Sophia tells me that her mother once owned a Cantonese restaurant and the dumpling master here used to work for her so Sophia vouches for the quality of the dumplings. We’ve come here more than the other places in Hurstville, so I am happy to conclude that Golden Sands is the best Yum-Cha in Hurstville. So tell me Dear Reader, how often do you have yum cha? Our guide to the best five Tim Ho Wan Chatswood snacks: dim sum in Chinese or as Aussies say yum cha. Yum Cha With A Twist at Cha Li Boi, Bondi Junction, A dumpling-fest at Luyu and YumYum, Newtown. One thing that sets this Hurstville institution apart is its homemade chili sauce - it is instantly recognised as more sophisticated than the standard red chili sauce served in most joints and certainly adds a divine hit of flavour to each of the dishes.

Mr NQN's other favourite yum cha dish are the rice paper roll wrapped prawns. In terms of the prices, I couldn't keep track of what they were stamping so the prices below are guesses but there were 9 large dim sum ($8.80 each), 2 dim sum specials ($9.80) and 2 extra large ($10.20).

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